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Shoalhaven Export Hub - Member Videos

Tue 18 Oct 2022

The Shoalhaven Export Hub was launched in November 2020, after the Shoalhaven City Council received grant funding through the Australian Government’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Export Hubs Initiative. The initiative will help Australian SMEs to grow, export and increase local and regional jobs.

The Shoalhaven Export Hub is a collaborative business-to-business network that helps small and medium-size businesses harness opportunities in global markets. The Shoalhaven Export Hub aims to assist businesses to build their skills and know-how.  Seminars, workshops and networking activities will help to develop skills and contacts for members.

Why Export?

  • Tapping into a global customer base - 7.8 billion vs 25 million
  • Reduced dependence on one market
  • Increase efficiencies through economies of scale in production
  • Extend the life of a mature product
  • Identify counter-seasonal markets
  • Take advantage of negotiated Free Trade Agreements

Learn more about Exporting from our Shoalhaven Export Hub Members

Visit the Shoalhaven Export Hub web page for more  information

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