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Future Plans

Future Shoalhaven

In the Shoalhaven we value what we have and want to protect it. There are also incredible opportunities for growth in the region. The solution is key development in key localities.

The Shoalhaven is committed to developing precincts such as an education precinct, a health & wellbeing precinct, a civic precinct, waterways precincts, an aquaculture development hub, a naval aviation hub and vibrant areas for commercial and industrial development.

The Shoalhaven’s vision is to be a family oriented community committed to growing jobs and supporting our businesses.

The community of the Shoalhaven is committed to responsible future development. This section gives concepts for future developments. It attempts to state the existing development and potential ideas for future growth. This in no way is being prescriptive about the area but it aims to create discussion and imagination about how the Shoalhaven could look into the future.

Industry Sector Strategies

Council has strategies in place to grow various sectors within the economy in accordance with the current 10 year Economic Development Strategy 2017-2026 - Productive Shoalhaven. Earlier Economic Development Strategies:

  • Shoalhaven - an Enterprising Alternative (2006-2016)
  • Shoalhaven - Creating a Platform for Growth (1996-2005)

The Sector strategies are to provide a clear direction for Shoalhaven City Council’s involvement in the various sectors

Each sector strategies is part of a series of industry sector strategies produced by Council’s Economic Development Office (EDO). The need for industry sector strategies, and the subsequent requirement for Council to produce such strategies, is identified under both Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan, as well as Council’s Economic Development Strategy 2017 - 2026.

To date Industry Sector Strategies have been produced for:

Currently being developed is a strategy for the Logistics and Related Industry Sector, with a "Positive Aging" Industry Sector Strategy for later in 2018.