Business Networks

Business Networks

Shoalhaven is a community large enough to stimulate and small enough to feel part of. Community interaction is a valued aspect of Shoalhaven life and Networks have been formed to connect business people from disparate or similar industries.

Council also participates in regional, state or national forums to develop relationships and enhance synergies with other similarly minded organisations.

Within the Shoalhaven

Business Networks withing the Shoalhaven.

The Shoalhaven Business Chamber is a membership based organisation consisting of members from the business, government, education, and not-for-profit sectors. It is affiliated with the Illawarra Chamber of Business in Wollongong.

The Shoalhaven Business Chamber has grown to be one of the ten largest Business Chambers in the state. Membership provides access to the monthly networking events, e-news updates & regional training opportunities.

This forum comprises the CEOs of the major employers within the City. Topics discussed include local business trends, recruitment issues, local/state/national economy, recent or impending government legislation and other relevant business issues.

NSW Dept of Premier & Cabinet, Shoalhaven City Council and Shoalhaven Business Chamber have united to form the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group.  This Group consists of Shoalhaven defence related businesses, who are working together to secure contracts and share knowledge and skill in order to enhance the defence industry in the Shoalhaven.

Case Studies:

Recognising the need to support businesses that employed professional staff to both retain and develop those professionals the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (spba) was born in 2009.  Supported by the Economic Development Office, the SPBA has grown and developed a series of programs to support professional staff employed within Shoalhaven. The SPBA has an important place within the Shoalhaven and the case study in the proudly Shoalhaven series expresses that desire by many to deliver growth within the City.

Blue BioTech Shoalhavenis an industry group that has been established to promote innovation and the capability of our member businesses in aquatic biotechnology - from growth through to processing. Shoalhaven businesses are delivering quality controlled product with established providence grown in one of the cleanest environments in the world.

Blue BioTech Shoalhaven contains many innovative and dynamic members that deliver quality products, capability and services to the marketplace. This industry network was created, following Council adopting an Aquatic Biotechnology Industry Strategy (PDF 990kb) in May 2014, to enable members to create opportunities in the marketplace that they couldn't access in isolation.

Cross-pollination and networking within the membership have already proved to deliver far more benefits compared to operating alone. The Shoalhaven is the place to be for aquatic biotechnology and Blue BioTech Shoalhaven welcomes other businesses to the group that can add to this growing market.

South Coast Agri Network is a group of producers and manufactures of agricultural produce seeking to work together with regard to marketing, production and topics of mutual interest.  Comprising of small area farmers and boutique manufacturers from Kiama and Shoalhaven Councils, they are keen to show case the quality of the Shoalhaven produce and product.

In 2011 the South Coast Harvest Experience was launched in the 7th edition of the Hawkesbury Harvest Farm Gate Trail. South Coast Harvest Experience interactive Map.

A photographic blog of the South Coast Harvest Experience.

South Coast Beef Producers Association is a group of beef producers working towards a productive, sustainable and profitable beef industry in the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW through best practice that meets financial, environmental and social expectations To contact the South Coast Beef Producers Association email the secretary.

Shoalhaven Council has combined with Sensis Limited to allow you to search for individual businesses via the Shoalhaven Business Register or types of businesses within the City.

Outside the Shoalhaven

Business Networks outside the Shoalhaven.
The Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation provides a new way for local councils and the NSW Government to work together to deliver things that matter the most to regional communities.  They represent a commitment to collaborate in the long term to develop and support a shared vision for the region. The Municipality of Kiama; Shellharbour; Shoalhaven and Wollongong City Councils are members of the ISJO.

South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc. (SEATS) provides highly coordinated and influential advocacy for the development of transport infrastructure in the South East Australian region that supports sustainable economic development and the prosperity of its constituents.

SEATS aims to stimulate and facilitate investment in transport and infrastructure in south eastern New South Wales ( NSW ), eastern Victoria ( VIC ), and the Australian Capital Territory ( ACT ) region. SEATS has developed its regional list of Priority Projects to improve the freight transportation network which it believes will deliver regional economic benefit within the region.

Members of SEATS include local government, regional development organisations, government agencies, regional industry, regional consulting bodies and education institutions.

The Sydney Peri Urban Network (SPUN) represents twelve Councils that border metropolitan Sydney. SPUN was established in 2013 in response to concerns about the lack of a comprehensive vision for the peri urban region and consists of the following Councils: Blue Mountains, Camden, Gosford, Hawkesbury, Hornsby, Kiama, Penrith, Shellharbour, Shoalhaven, The Hills Shire, Wingecarribee and Wollondilly.

Sydney and surrounding regions' Peri Urban Council areas are recognised as being part of New South Wales solution for managing growth while providing opportunities for strengthening local town & village character, settlements, lifestyle, tourism, agricultural and economic pursuits. The Network will assist and empower Councils to  manage the significant pressures faced in peri urban areas.

Peri Urban Councils are undergoing significant change, and the growth in the peri urban areas has brought with it many challenges and opportunities for Councils.

SPUN has an Action Plan (PDF) developed in 2015.

IRIS Research is an organisation that specialises in economic, community and industry research for government, business and academic institutions. IRIS also provides consultancy services in the areas of market and social research, strategic planning, economic development and place marketing. Much regional research material is published by IRIS and can be sourced from their website. (There may be a charge for some publications).

The role of the Coordinareis geared to deliver a well governed, locally responsive and efficiently run Public Health Network.

The Executive team shares leadership competencies in strategy, managing change and stakeholder engagement. This team have a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing primary health care locally and its collective ability to forge strong, strategic alliances, ensure a well connected, influential and high performing PHN.

The Engagement and Coordination team consists of highly skilled staff who are committed to working with general practice and other stakeholders to enhance the coordination of care, improve health outcomes and provide a better patient experience.

The Strategy and Performance team brings together experts in epidemiology, population health and communications. They are responsible for ensuring the needs of our region and the impact of activities are known.

The Commissioning team is focused on commissioning the right mix of local initiatives to achieve improved health outcomes, reduced health inequalities and better patient experiences across the region.