Available Grants


Small Business Grant

A reminder that Small Business Grants continue until June 2019. The Small Business Grant is designed to encourage small businesses that do not pay payroll tax to employ new full-time, part-time and casual workers and expand their enterprises across NSW. The Small Business Grant (Employment Incentive) will provide employers up to $2,000 per new employee for businesses that don't pay payroll tax.


Innovate NSW - Collaborative Solutions

Innovate NSW Collaborative Solutions provides grants of up to 25% of project costs (to a maximum of $100,000), to consortia to develop an innovative, new-to-market solution. The solution must use an enabling technology to address a high growth opportunity or challenge in one of the following key sectors: e-health, advanced manufacturing, energy technologies and services, online & interactive education, and transport, logistics & infrastructure.


Farm Innovation Fund

The Farm Innovation Fund provides loans to meet the cost of carrying out permanent capital works that will have a significant beneficial impact on the land, long term profitability of the enterprise and address adverse seasonal conditions.



Supports opportunities for research collaboration between NSW small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and NSW based research organisations.