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Development Activity

Development Activity

Shoalhaven has an established growth record. The desirability of this great area of the Australian coastline has created a constant increase in population which has required the construction of additional housing, creation of employment, provision of additional infrastructure and investment by both private and public sectors.

Shoalhaven City Council actively works with Developers through its Economic Development Office (EDO). The DA process has been made as easy as possible with an online DA Tracking Service. A DA Information Kit is available from Council where the process is explained with lodgement being required electronically.  Policies and management plans are listed online, as is an easy online zoning, suburb, bushfire, heritage and SEPP 71 lands maps.

Assistance to Developers and Investors

Council has a number of services for developers investors to gain assistance with preparing and submitting a Development Application to Council or the NSW Dept of Planning.

Council’s Economic Development Office(EDO) can also assist applicants with their applications and co-ordinate meetings where applicable with Council or relevant governmental staff. The EDO staff regularly work with consultants in obtaining information and reports relevant to the requirements of the application.

Council Planning Policies

Shoalhaven Council has a listing of the planning policies that are applicable for developments within the city. Councils' Development and Environmental Services Group has also prepared a number of guidelines and links for issues which need to be addressed in any application including: such things as the building code, and accessibility requirements.

Council Publicly Exhibited Documents

Council is regularly reviewing its policies and those of the NSW Government and places on exhibition Draft Policies, Local Environment Plans/Development Control Plans, Management Plans and other Documents at Publically Exhibited Documents. These documents are available for comment and Council welcomes the views of interested individuals and groups.

Other Council Public Documents

An index of Council policies and other public documents have been produced in a format suitable for access via the Internet. It is not a complete index of all public documents. Council is currently working towards reformatting all of its public policies for online viewing.

Development Enquiry

This tool developed by Shoalhaven Council allows an applicant to assess whether a particular type of development may be allowable on a particular land parcel. This is of particular interest to the business community as it can identify those localities where a business is able to operate and what guidelines may be applicable for the proposal.

Development Enquiry tool is a searchable system that allows you to input the property details (address or Lot / DP) and in what way you wish to develop the property. It will explain whether the property is suitable for the purpose, what you need to provide for a Development Application and what documents are required.

Frequently Requested Council Forms

Council has also provided a range of frequently requested forms that are applicable to a number of Council requirements. Forms may be downloaded over the Internet at Council FormsCouncil Forms.

Online Mapping

Council provides a number of online mapping systems for use on the internet. There is an easy maps guide with online zoning, suburb, bushfire, heritage and SEPP 71 lands maps – which has facility to zoom in on the area you are interested in Maps. Some commonly requested maps are displayed at Online Mapping.

Online Development Tracking

Council offers online access to development applications which are under assessment .This will allow you to track the progress of any application from lodgement through to determination. This DA Tracking Serviceapplies to all development applications submitted or determined since 1st January 2006.

Those projects submitted to the NSW Dept of Planning Joint Regional Planning Panel are also available on the DA tracking system.

Major Development Applications with the NSW Department of Planning

Developments which come under the auspices of the NSW Department of Planning as a Major Project can also be tracked.