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Council Strategic Documents

Economic Development Strategy

The Shoalhaven Economic Development Strategy 2017-2026, adopted by Council in 2016, aims to foster sustainable economic development in the Shoalhaven through collaboration between all levels of government, other relevant agencies and the broader Shoalhaven community.

This Strategy provides an implementation platform for the many and varied economic development opportunities that have been identified through detailed stakeholder discussions and review of several local, regional, state and Federal level initiatives. The Strategy also builds on the Council's Community Strategic Plans prosperity objectives to create:

  • An economy with growing employment opportunities based on Shoalhaven's distinct characteristics, advantages and natural qualities;
  • An economy that supports and is supported by growing, diverse and changing communities; and
  • Effective promotion of Shoalhaven's investment, business and job opportunities, lifestyle attractions and vision.
  • You can download a copy of the Shoalhaven Council’s latest Shoalhaven Economic Development Strategy 2017-2026 - Productive Shoalhaven (PDF, 5.5Mb). It outlines the current economic strategy, the economic drivers and competitive advantages. It also gives direction to achieving a positive future with broad based actions and specific industry actions.

Productive Shoalhaven

The vision for economic development over the next 10 years is:

To build upon the already high levels of local productivity, entrepreneurialism and inter-connected business relationships to provide sustained economic growth, through a diverse and robust economy, that is supported by a skilled and educated workforce that is able to balance work with an attractive and healthy lifestyle.

This long-term vision is to be achieved through a combination of growing employment opportunities, increasing the quality of those opportunities, supporting entrepreneurial flair and innovation, remaining responsive to change and balancing economic objectives with the achievement of a balance with environmental and social needs via an enviable lifestyle. These directions are encapsulated in the following core, measurable objectives:

  1. To grow in number of employed people within the Shoalhaven commensurate with population growth
  2. To increase the level of Gross Regional Product per worker
  3. To sustain, as far as possible, the level of workforce participation despite an aging population
  4. To enhance the liveability of the Shoalhaven

The Economic Development Strategy document outlines how Council, together with partners and collaborators, will achieve the above vision and objectives. It provides a range of actions across specific industry sectors, as well as those that sit across a range of sectors and the community including core areas of:

  • Sustaining and improving productivity;
  • Leading and being innovative;
  • Stimulating catalytic opportunities;
  • Creating liveability and place;
  • Utilising Council’s employment lands;
  • Communicating economic development; and
  • Marketing and promotion of the Shoalhaven.

In the "proudly Shoalhaven" series of case studies local business operators share their experiences of relocating, establishing and growing a business within Shoalhaven.

Industry Sector Strategies

Progressively the Economic Development Office prepares specific Industry Sector Strategies around key sectors or emerging sectors within the Shoalhaven economy. These sit alongside the Economic Development Strategy and have their own desired outcomes and objectives.

Industry Sector Strategies developed to date can be downloaded:

Export Development Initiative

The Shoalhaven Export Hub is a collaborative business-to-business network that helps small and medium size businesses harness opportunities in global markets. The Shoalhaven Export Hub will work with businesses to build their skills and know-how to harness global opportunities leading to economic growth including global reach through local infrastructure and job creation across the Shoalhaven by developing globally competitive SME’s.  Seminars, workshops and networking activities to develop skills and contacts will be held for members.

  • Click here to view the Shoalhaven Export Strategy.