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On the Buses

Wed 04 Jul 2018

What makes a highly successful Business Development Manager at one of the Shoalhaven's leading transport companies?

According to David Tagg at Kennedy's Bus and Coach, it was a long career in the public service, where fastidious attention to detail was drummed into him from day one.

Now operating from South Nowra's Flinders Industrial Estate, Kennedy's have been around since the mid 1930's.

During more than 20 years with the Public Service, David had the distinction of being the youngest Department of Social Security office manager in the state.

He came to Nowra as District Manager in 1993, and ran the office until 1998.

Death threats were a part of the territory, as a Social Security Manager.

However it was the organisational and negotiating skills, which were of the greatest assistance in moving Kennedy's to the next level of a high regulated business.

While John Kennedy still plays a vital role in the company, David was able help put in place the key economic drivers to move the business forward.

From its modern, and well equipped base in Flinders Road, the company now has 25 vehicles and 34 staff.

The average day would see well over a thousand passengers being moved.

While much of David's job sees him office bound, he is more than comfortable and competent, to hop behind the wheel of a school bus, or luxury touring coach.

David Tagg played a major role in setting up Kennedy's Tours Division, which looks after the travel needs of more than 100 schools and special interest groups, like garden clubs.

From the South Nowra office, tours are run across Australia and overseas, generating a handy little money earner for the Shoalhaven economy.

David says locals need to make more use of the local public transport network.

Pensioner travel for $2.50 a day is a lot more economic than running the family car over long distances.

As a career of 4 decades in the public private and public sector begins to winds down,he believes each and every Shoalhaven resident needs to take stock of just how good they have it.

David says each time he travels south on the Princes Highway, and gets to the top of Mt Pleasant on the Kiama bends, he reminds himself he is living in the best place in the world. 

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