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Macca's creating jobs for local Shoalhaven youth

Fri 06 Apr 2018

The Mc Donald's family restaurant chain has rapidly cemented itself as one of the Shoalhaven's largest private employers.

Darian Hall, and his wifeNatalie, now operate three outlets, South Nowra, Central Nowra and Bomaderry.

With last year's opening of the central Nowra restaurant, at the corner of the Princes Highway and Plunkett Street, the family now has more than 400 staff on its books.

Mr Hall says the ages of workers range from school children in their teens, to one staffer who is in her mid 60's.

He says he is immensely proud of the training given to young workers, where they learn lifelong skills in communication, customer service, and logistics.

Bomaderry based window manufacturer Chance Hanlon says when choosing new employees, anyone with Mc Donald's training , has a better chance of getting the job.

In a wide ranging recent interview Mr Hall has not ruled out further expansion, and says he has given active consideration to a restaurant in the Bay and Basin area, possibly at Vincentia.

However nothing is set in concrete at this stage.

At South Nowra though, planning is at an advanced stage for modifications and expansion of the drive through area.

The aim of the project is to make easier and quicker for drive through customers to access offerings from the Mc Cafe.

Meantime discussions are also being held about the development of a Ronald Mc Donald Housefamily room at Shoalhaven Hospital.

It won't be a full Ronald Mc Donald House, like seen near major city children's hospitals, because there is not enough space on the Nowra site.

However it will be a small space where parents can stay while their kids are being treated at the Children's Ward.