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Illawarra Business Chamber - Post-Bushfire support for Apprentices welcomed

Fri 21 Feb 2020

The Illawarra Business Chamber has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement that out of work apprentices will be supported in the aftermath of the bushfire season and in drought-affected areas.

Apprentices in these areas will be able to access the training component of their apprenticeships for up to 12 months, in instances where their employers are unable to keep them on.

“This is a good strategy to support young people who have lost their apprenticeship, whether due to the recent bushfire disaster or the long-running drought that has affected the region,” said Adam Zarth, Executive Director of the Illawarra Business Chamber.

“These apprentices now be able to continue the formal component of their learning for up to twelve months, which should position them to gain a new apprenticeship, particularly as reconstruction and recovery efforts ramp up.”

“Employers will have access to work-ready apprentices in the area, who will not be lost in the interim.”
“I’ll be encouraging local tradespeople and larger construction companies to support these apprentices in returning to work as soon as practicable, because we want locals to get the first opportunity to help rebuild their communities,” said Mr Zarth.

Media Contact: Adam Zarth – 0404 146 829