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Tim Smeets learnt the trade of metal craftsmanship at the feet of his father Johannes and is proudly carrying on the family tradition.

Johannes is the founder and blacksmith artist of H & S Metalcraft in Jervis Bay which, since 1989, has produced superbly crafted metalart pieces now found around Australia and the world.

Tim and his wife, Louise, have taken over the business and its partner company, SMETEC and continue to provide the same quality work and customer service that his father provided.

Much of the metalwork artforms Tim produces are based on his father’s designs and include intricately cut fire pits, wall art and property signs.

“We offer unique design capabilities and have more extensive designs than other similar companies,” Tim said.

“Some designs take three to four weeks to complete, however, the end product is second to none. We build things to last, it’s not mass-produced items that will fall apart.

“We pride ourselves on quality-made products and every product is checked before it goes out - if it’s no good, it doesn’t go out the door. Every business in the Shoalhaven is the same - we have pride in our work and the fact it’s produced here.”

Tim is dedicated to producing only Australian-made goods and prides himself on not using imported products.

“I am very passionate about Australian-made products because over the years we’ve relied too much on outsourcing all our skills to overseas.

“It’s time to bring everything back into Australia, we do have the capabilities here and we do have the skilled people waiting for an opportunity to use their skills.”

SMETEC opened in 2011 and since then has provided quality materials cutting to clients Australia-wide and internationally, predominantly using plasma cutting.

However, a recent addition to the SMETEC workshop has been a water jet cutter, which is a precision machine capable of cutting a variety of materials including steel, titanium, glass, stone, copper, brass and nickel. The environmentally-friendly process reduces power and water costs by up to 60%.

Tim said the advantage of the water jet cutter over other cutting processes such as oxy, plasma or laser, was that because heat was not used, there was no change to the material structure.

“This is hugely advantageous for the manufacturing side, particularly in aviation products and medical equipment which can’t have any heat-affected zones.”

Tim said being based in the Shoalhaven should be a “no-brainer” for companies keen to take advantage of the region’s close proximity to Sydney and a perfect work/family lifestyle.

“Shoalhaven is accessible to everywhere these days - why wouldn’t you move out of the city, move down here and get the ball rolling in a regional area. We are competitive and we can do it.

“The business community all look after each other and with the growth in every industry down here there are opportunities to be had.

“It has the added advantage of being able to drive out and talk to the customers you’re dealing with. They’re talking to the person who is going to make the item, not just some person in an office.”

Tim said it shouldn’t take much to convince businesses to start up in the region.

“You just have to look outside today, take a drive down to Huskisson which is such a magical spot - really, it’s a no-brainer.”

Contact: Tim & Louise Smeets
Phone:  +61 2 4403 7739