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Shoalhaven Professional Business Association - proudly Shoalhaven


In January 2009 a small group of likeminded professionals met to discuss the idea of establishing a network to promote and encourage people with a professional qualification to consider the Shoalhaven as the place to further their careers.

In the beginning it was a vague idea motivated out of a perceived need common to businesses employing professional staff.  Today the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (spba) is an incorporated entity beginning to fulfill some of its dreams. With the wholehearted support and encouragement of Shoalhaven City Council, Bendigo Bank and Southern Phone, spba has set out to build relationships with each other, with the educators and the community.

The spba are a group of professionals who are passionate about the beautiful Shoalhaven and believe in the future of their businesses in this area.

spba is a "not for profit" association presently representing the following professions.

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Building Consultants
  • Employment Trainers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Surveyors and
  • Town Planners
  • Valuers

The spba are constantly seeking interest from businesses employing professional staff and other interested people who share their aim to make the Shoalhaven the number one choice for a professional career.

spba believes in.

  • More local jobs
  • More education
  • More training
  • More local careers
  • Providing greater choice for the residents of the Shoalhaven

Since the spba began their journey we have participated in the Gilmore Jobs Forum, the Shoalhaven Career Expo and the Shoalhaven Business Awards.

In 2018 the spba will take on  an even more active role in promoting employment opportunities for professionals (and those keen to upskill). They aim to work with their partners and supporters especially the Council, Wollongong Uni, TAFE and the Shoalhaven Business Chamber.

In June 2010 and March 2011 the spba participated in a jobs expo entitled “A Professional Snapshot” which enabled school students aspiring to enter the professions to have a “taste” of life in a professional business. '

'By opening up our businesses to future professionals we hope to generate increased interest in growing the opportunity for creating professional positions in our area''.

The spba are also involved in social gatherings with guest speakers which enable young professionals to network and share ideas.

As a follow up to the social gatherings, a Young Professional Group has been formed.

''Our participation in the community of the Shoalhaven will continue to grow as member numbers increase and ideas continue to flow''.