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Placemaking for Vincentia Village - Updated 26 May 2020

Tue 30 Jun 2020


Vincentia, like the entire Jervis Bay region, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, clear water and natural environment and is a popular destination for domestic and international tourists and local day trippers. The Vincentia Village shopping mall offers facilities serving the area’s resident population and visitors. The revitalisation of the precinct is long overdue with other Jervis Bay villages benefitting from recent upgrades to infrastructure and development of their public and commercial space. The intention of this project is to completely re-landscape and re-imagine the 4500 m² Burton Street Mall in Vincentia Village.

In 2019 Shoalhaven City Council was successful in receiving Federal funding through the Building Better Regions Round 3 Infrastructure program to revitalize the public space in Burton Street, Vincentia.


The project will give the tired and pinched open space a kickstart by revamping and re scaling it into a multi-dimensional attractive hub for young and old, local and visitor alike. 

Through co-operation of the owners of adjoining shops, the tenant mix can be made to offer an evening economy aimed at open plaza dining and multi-community-use, as it will
re-purpose the area adjacent the Vincentia Village pedestrian mall by constructing an attractive and fully accessible hub. The project is funded by the Australian Government and Shoalhaven City Council. 

How will the re-imaged Vincentia Village mall look when the project is completed:

The upgrade will attract moreretailers, cafés and restaurants. This will in turn increase tourist visitation and community engagement, as well as support the local and regional economy  through the creation of jobs.



Project Objectives

By creating a retail, hospitality (dining) and entertainment and recreation hub the following objectives will be achieved:

  1. The Vincentia Village mall will attract more tourist visitors and locals
  2. Year-round employment will be increased with an obvious peak in the summer holiday season, with employment opportunities in the retail and hospitality/food sectors during the 6-month peak tourist season.
  3. Out-of-tourist-season employment will increase, generated through food service, local markets, night-time economy activities and improved retail venues, and an increase in winter visitation by tourists taking advantage of the cheaper holiday rentals and lack of crowds.
  4. Spin-off-employment will support other businesses in this tourist area contributing to year-round improved financial sustainability and long-term viability.

Project Cost: $3,444,246
Grant Amount: $1,700,000
Shoalhaven City Council Contributions: $1,744,246

    Key Activities

    The key project activities to realise a vibrant and attractive community gathering place will include:

    • Detailed design of the community gathering place
    • Tender preparation and procurement
    • Site preparation, including demolition, earthworks, civil works and foundations.
    • Installation of surface and subsurface tree management systems
    • Construction including: 
      • Raised outdoor dining area of approximately 307m2.
      • Appropriate shade structures.
      • Improved carpark of approximately 440m2 and associated access.
      • Approximately two aesthetically pleasing amenity blocks including at least one accessible toilet
      • Landscaping including planting, irrigation, walling, steps, footpaths and paving with a nature-based theme reflecting the Jervis Bay aesthetic
    • Installation of furniture including lighting, shelters, park seating, park picnic settings, bin enclosures and water station.
    • Installation of signs.
    • Installation of CCTV.
    • Installation of wi-fi station, for free public wi-fi access 

      Project Location

      • Burton Street, VINCENTIA NSW 2540

      Next Steps

      The project commenced on 01/07/2019  and will be completed by 07/12/2021

      Extensive community and business consultation have been incorporated into the Place Score Report which is  available (see below). Following consultation and expert input detailed designs  will be developed for the revamp of the Vincentia Village mall. With the finalisation of the design, construction will commence during the winter of  2020 as permitted by COVID-19 guidelines and any required planning approvals. 

      It is anticipated that works will  be paused over the 2020/2021 Summer (Christmas/New Year) tourist season to minimise  retail and business disruption. Works will recommence in February 2021. 

      • Tender to be appointed
      • Identification of ''quick wins'' - minimal street planting, purchase and installation of temporary furniture

      Project Partners

      • Shoalhaven City Council
      • Vincentia Village Retailers, Businesses & Landlords
      • Federal Government - through the Building Better Regions Funding Program
      • Place Score

      Further Information

      More information about this project is provided in the:

      • Document Library

          Who's listening

          Shoalhaven City Council
          Economic Development Office
          Phone: 02 4429 3388


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          Life Cycle

          • Nov 2018 : Shoalhaven City Council lodges grant application
          • Mar 2019 : The Deputy Prime Minister approved funding for the “Placemaking for Vincentia Village” project. 
          • Jun 2019 : Grant Deed signed
          • Jul 2019 : Establishment of key stakeholder groups being the Project Control Group (Council staff), the Property Owners Group, the Shopkeeper Group  and the Community Stakeholder Group
          • Aug 2019 : Engagement of Placemaking Consultant being Place Score.
          • Sep 2019 : Care Factor surveys capturing most valued attributes of an ideal town centre redevelopment - 391 respondents
          • Sep 2019 : Online survey requesting ideas to make Vincentia Village sustainable and successful – 232 responses
          • Sep 2019 : Face to face survey on Place Experience Assessment - 47  respondents
          • Oct 2019 : Community Workshops – 32 participants
          • Dec 2019 : Workshop and street stand – 118 participants
          • Feb 2020 : Draft Vincentia Village Centre Place Strategy received
          • Feb 2020 : Temporary street furniture purchased.  Delivery delayed due to COVID-19.
          • Mar 2020 : Project update email notification sent to community stakeholders  
          • May 2020 : Webpage developed
          • May 2020 : Expressions of interest for design consultant being finalised

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