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Niki Willdig has construction running through her veins.

Niki was barely old enough to walk when her father, John Druce, established a civil construction business in the Shoalhaven almost 40 years ago. All these years later, Druce DP is still going strong and is still very much a family business.

Niki was working in real estate in Sydney when 9 years ago, she decided it was time to start a family of her own and was drawn back to raise her children in the Shoalhaven. Carrying on the family tradition, Niki established Tovedale, the land development arm of Druce DP.

“Land development was an element of the business that we had not really explored before I joined. It was a civil construction business that dabbled in land development on the side,” Niki said. Now with more than 100 blocks under construction, Tovedale is firmly cemented as one of the South Coast’s leading land developers.

The company’s two major developments are the 300-lot Twin Waters estate at South Nowra and Carrington Heights, where stage nine of the 140-lot estate is now on the market.

“We can’t develop land quickly enough, it’s in such high demand.” Niki said.“Sales are constant and affordable, attracting a mix of buyers, from local people buying their first homes through to investors looking for solid returns.”

Niki says there are so many opportunities for businesses to establish and grow in the Shoalhaven.“It has a beautiful natural environment in which to work and because of that, we can deliver master communities to people who want to live in the Shoalhaven.The area has grown so much and there are so many more opportunities for both living and lifestyle as well as career opportunities. Everything is at your fingertips here, it’s a beautiful, close network of people, from a professional and lifestyle point of view.”

The Shoalhaven boasts a large skills network of talented business professionals and tradespeople.

“I’m a real believer in surrounding myself with people who are really good at what they do so we can focus on what we do. We wouldn’t be able to do it without the professional business network we have here in the Shoalhaven.

“The Shoalhaven is such a special place and you don’t really appreciate it until you move out of the area,” she said. “Having my family here and the lifestyle the Shoalhaven offers means I can have the best of both worlds. I can bring the professional working life I had in Sydney to the Shoalhaven and mix it with the family business.

‘’Another benefit of living and working in the Shoalhaven is that Niki can observe the Tovedale land developments grow from bare dirt into friendly communities as homes are built and people move in. Niki says that the Twin Waters Estate has evolved to be a well sought after development.  And we’re proud of it.  We live here in the Shoalhaven so we get to drive through it and we often visit the developments we have done in the past with pride”.
“It’s a great place to start any adventure- it has everything you could possibly need in one place.

“Living here is important to me. Apart from having family nearby, the Shoalhaven is accessible to beaches, parks, camping and walking - my kids love it here. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Contact: Niki Willdig
Phone: +61 2  4421 6515

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