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Robert Richards and Peter Pepperell understand all too well the problems which keep small business owners awake at night.

As the owners of Pepperell and Associates Business Advisors, the pair’s vast experience as business owners means they can relate to the problems experienced by their clients.

“We know the pain business owners are going through, we know what keeps them up at night because we’ve been in other businesses apart from accountancy,” Robert said.

“We have very direct conversations with them and often identify issues they are not even aware of - we understand our clients.”

The company started seven years ago operating out of a cottage in Milton. A couple of office moves later and the purchase of another business has seen it grow to a staff of 15, with offices in Ulladulla, Nowra and Batemans Bay.

Robert and Peter primarily work with small businesses with annual turnover of up to $10 million in a variety of industries, including hospitality and trades.

“We help small business owners with their business accounting, overall management and help them grow their operations” Robert said.

“We’re more than just accountants. Traditionally, people see their accountant once a year. We’re more proactive and meet with our clients quarterly, or even monthly.”

The Pepperell team undertakes a detailed and extensive diagnosis of a client’s business to develop a sustainable strategic plan. During this process they will assess key strengths and weaknesses, identify business opportunities and threats, develop a vision statement and establish clear financial targets.

The partners say the Shoalhaven region is a perfect place to do business.

“It’s grown remarkably - the town used to basically shut down between May and November, but it’s grown and a lot of new businesses have started,” Robert said.

“The roads are alot better, the NBN is getting faster - distance isn’t a barrier any more. Ten years ago the distance gap meant driving to see clients, or at least a phone call, but technology has really closed that gap.

“It’s a growth area, a great place to set up a business for the future.”

Robert and Peter paid tribute to the work of the Shoalhaven Business Chamber, particularly its organisation of networking events.

“It can be very lonely being in business, particularly if you haven’t been in business before,” Robert said.

“The networking events give a point of contact where we can help each other, ask questions and get tips on good local suppliers.”

The company is also a proud member of the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association and is taking advantage of the organisation’s leadership course and mentoring programs.

Robert and Peter agree one of the biggest advantages of doing business in the Shoalhaven is being able to retain experienced staff.

“Staff really like working and living here and that’s invaluable for businesses as staff turnover can be costly and time-consuming,” Robert said.

“Staff stay longer and help the business grow and develop.

“And why wouldn’t you want to live here? You’re right on the coast, you can go and watch the whales come past, you can go down to the harbour and watch the dolphins. All the amenities are here and the it’s just a great place to live.”

Peter attended high school in the area before moving away but returned so he could raise his children in the region.

“You can go surfing before work, at lunchtime and after work. You’re close to work and schools and the work/life balance is fantastic,” he said.

“There are plenty of opportunities down here - why live in a congested area when you can live in paradise?”

Contact: Peter Pepperell
Phone:  +61 2 4445 9014