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Anna Finch credits the “unbelievable” Shoalhaven community with enabling her to juggle the demands of a young family while establishing a successful business.

The principal of human resources company Kardia HR, Anna moved to the region in 2008 with her husband, toddler and a baby on the way.

Since then they have started individual businesses and both work from home.

“The Shoalhaven offers a balance between building successful businesses in careers we love, while being able to live in this beautiful place,” Anna says.

“It’s quite OK to answer the phone and talk to a client while doing the school run - business people down here understand that, because a lot of them are doing exactly the same thing.”

Anna’s clients are mainly small to medium sized companies who call her in to fix “people issues” in the workplace. Kardia HR offers services including risk minimisation, performance maximisation, recruitment and retention of staff.

“I have a genuine interest in listening, and take the time to understand issues faced by business owners and employees,” Anna says.

“I help businesses be much more proactive in the way they manage people which creates happy, engaging work environments.

“People then love to come to work, businesses grow and prosper and as a result we create some fantastic career opportunities in the local market.”

For some time after moving to the Shoalhaven Anna commuted to Sydney, but when she started seeing a noticeable increase in the number of people and businesses in the region, she decided the time was right to start her own business.

“The community focus is incredible, I’m surrounded by like-minded people which has been instrumental to the success of my business,” Anna says.

“I have a strong vision for the future, where my children will be able to have work and careers here and I have aligned myself with people with a similar vision.”

Anna says her visions and values are closely aligned with the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (spba). The organisation focuses on raising the level of professionalism in the local market by attracting and retaining quality employees through education, training and development.

Anna has been involved in SPBA’s mentorship program for the past few years, which she describes as invaluable for both mentor and mentee.

“In the last program I mentored a young lawyer and we delved into a whole range of life experiences, career and personal development and we became close friends. It’s an opportunity to network and connect.”

Anna says she cannot imagine not living in the Shoalhaven.

“I love living and working here, I’ll never go back to Sydney. The kids go to an amazing school, we’re two minutes to the beach and so many parks - the lifestyle is so attractive here.”

Contact: Anna Finch
Mobile: 0405 453 667