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Ulladulla Harbour Boardwalk & Harbourside Upgrades - Updated 14.10.2021

Thu 14 Oct 2021


The Ulladulla Boardwalk and Harbourside Improvement Project will create a new elevated public space that establishes visual connectivity between the commercial centre and Ulladulla Harbour. This will assist in stimulating commercial activity by encouraging locals and visitors to enjoy the Harbour outlook from the adjoining cafes, restaurants and dedicated viewing points. In addition, the project will provide connectivity between the Boardwalk, town centre and the adjoining working waterfront, creating a vibrant, interesting and enjoyable destination for visitors to the area.

The objective of the Ulladulla Boardwalk and Harbourside Improvement Project is to address the significant increase in visitation from both domestic and international markets (prior to the current Covid-19 pandemic) and to seek to sustain these levels of growth. This will be achieved through consolidation of existing attractions and development of new, including significant infrastructure investment that supports the current and future visitation.

This will enable a continued increase in visitors arriving in the region - both returning because of the great experiences, as well as encouraging new visitation. The ultimate purpose is to see more visitors spending more time and therefore money in the region, resulting in more jobs in the area across a greater period of the year.

The project will be delivered through a program of infrastructure works, with an emphasis on linking and expanding on other key projects that are occurring in the area with the town centre and working waterfront precincts. This will provide a holistic experience for visitors, with easy access to iconic natural areas being combined with the rugged working waterfront areas and high-quality dining / retail facilities all within the same locality.

Project Objectives

As an integrated package of works, there will be two project areas that will be delivered:

  • Ulladulla Boardwalk – Completion of the Ulladulla Boardwalk project, which provides elevated views from the ‘Ulladulla Harbour Triangle’ over the adjoining harbour and working waterfront. Stages 1 and 2 of this project were previously completed in 2012, and with the rapid changes in domestic tourism and residential development in the area over the last 12-24 months, there is now a need to facilitate the completion of the project which will connect the Princes Highway and Wason Street to create a fully accessible ‘Ulladulla Harbour Triangle’. This Project has been estimated at $3 million and funding will come from the Public Spaces Legacy Program of the NSW Government.

  • Harbourside improvements – Improving the pedestrian connectivity between the elevated boardwalk to and along the foreshore. This requires careful planning to encourage public interaction with the working waterfront whilst not impacting on commercial water-based activities. At present there have been a number of improvements to surrounding areas, however the car park and pedestrian connectivity through the “working waterfront area” remains of concern. Plans have been developed to facilitate infrastructure that allows safe movement in and around the area without diminishing operational needs. This Project is being made possible as a result of a grant from the Australian Government for $1,575,686 under the Building Better Regions Fund Round 5.

Both of the above applications were submitted to government through the City Futures Directorate of Council and were prepared by the Economic Development Office.

    Project Partners

    • Shoalhaven City Council
    • Australian Government  (Building Better Regions Round 5)
    • NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (Public Spaces Legacy Program)
    • Peter Dalmazzo Environmental Consultant
    • Westlake Punnett Engineers

          Who's listening

          Greg Pullen 
          Economic Development Manager, Economic Development Office
          Shoalhaven City Council
          Phone: 02 4429 3888

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          Life Cycle


            There are a number of expected outcomes as a consequence of these linked project. These relate to both quantifiable, as well as qualitative outcomes. An outline of the key outcomes is provided below:

            Key quantifiable outcomes:
            • Delivery of the fixed infrastructure works - that include more than 150m of elevated walkway, new access stairs, walkways and car parking arrangements, as well as associated landscape and beautification works. 
            • Support to the growth of the tourism and related industries - which is expected to continue to grow in terms of both domestic (with significant localised growth in the short-term following the bushfire and Covid-19 impacts during 2020 and 2021) and international visitation (once borders are re-opened and Australia is once again accepting international tourists). 
            Key non-quantifiable outcomes:
            • Visitor satisfaction - which is aimed at being raised and/or maintained through more diverse tourism offerings and provision of appropriate infrastructure to manage tourism needs - meaning greater expenditure, return visitation and word of mouth promotion. 
            • Community satisfaction - with visitor management, enabling the economic benefits of visitation to be enjoyed by local communities. 
            • Health and well-being benefits - from general utilisation of the infrastructure, particularly the Ulladulla Boardwalk as an elevated public walkway that is expected to be utilised by both the local community and visitors, resulting in more healthy lifestyles. 

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