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Ulladulla Harbour Berthing Facility - Updated 27.01.2022

Thu 27 Jan 2022


Ulladulla Harbour provides locals and tourists with an access point for recreation and commercial boating. The harbour is also of key importance to the local fishing industry. In order to cater for increased demand within the community for recreational boating, commercial fishing and tourism, a new berthing facility is to be built which would cater for vessels which at present have little opportunity to get a mooring in the harbour. 

The facility would mainly cater for motor cruisers but there is anticipated to be provision for at least one berth for deep keeled yachts. With assistance from the Australian Government, Transport for NSW and Regional NSW (Restart NSW)Shoalhaven City Council will deliver the project, to facilitate and encourage the operation of private charter and commercial vessels.

In all, up to 19 wet berths will be created of varying sizes and these will be leased out at commercial rates to operating businesses.


Project Objectives

The planned construction activities are: 


  • dredging part of the harbour bed to a navigable depth (including removal of the mudstone rock platform in the southern comer)
  • construction of a floating pontoon berthing facility
  • operation of the berthing facility by Shoalhaven City Council
  • Council is working with Crown Lands and other agencies to deliver this project.

    Project Partners

    • Shoalhaven City Council
    • Australian Government 
    • Transport for NSW
    • Regional NSW - Restart NSW
    • Magryn & Associates - Coastal engineering consultants
    • Peter Dalmazzo - Environmental consultant
    • Westlake Punnett, Consultant engineers
    • Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO)

            Who's listening

            Daniel Morgan
            Project Manager, Economic Development Office
            Shoalhaven City Council
            Phone: 02 4448 9649

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              Life Cycle (anticipated)

              • Feb 2021 : Review of Environmental Factors for Construction Operation
              • Jul 2021 : Review of Environmental Factors for Construction Operation
              • Oct 2021 :  Construction start date. 
              • Nov 2021 : Crown license to construct issued (anticipated)
              • Dec 2021 : Tenders issued for rock removal
              • Dec 2021 : Tenders issued for piling and pontoon system
              • Mar 2022 :  Construction (rock excavation) start date. 
              • Apr 2022 : Pontoon system installation commences
              • Late 2022 : Facility completed

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