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Aussie Ingenuity at Shoalhaven Recycling

Tue 31 Jul 2018

There is an old saying, that "when times are tough, the tough get going."

Shoalhaven Recycling, like all firms in their industry, is  set to employ some Aussie ingenuity to solve an escalating problem.

The company has been having difficulty finding markets for the large quantities of glass locals have been diligently recycling, through their yellow lidded bins.

With China cracking down on imports of re-cycled material and the stockpile growing, Shoalhaven Recycling has been crushing glass for the construction industry.

At the moment it is also cheaper to make new glass, rather than use re-cycled material.

Shoalhaven Recycling is turning glass back into sand, with the material  being used as fill around drainage pipe installations and in some cases road construction.

Project Manager Stephen Willis, says the group is now examining the feasibility of developing a plant to manufacture blocks and pavers for the building industry.

Subject to approval, the plant would be built at Bomaderry and could be operational later this year.

The basic raw materials would be cement, plus aggregates produced from recycled glass.

The company already employs around 30 staff and would take on more locals for the brick and paver plant.

Jobs would be created for plant operators, delivery staff and sales people.

Mr Willis says Shoalhaven Recycling is also examining the suitability of using recycled glass in the concrete batching industry.

The Australian Cement industry currently consumes around 130 million tonnes of aggregate a year so if the studies stack up the potential is huge.

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