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Shoalhaven Business Awards 2021 - Friday 20 August 2021

Tue 01 Jun 2021

The Shoalhaven Business Awards is the region’s most anticipated annual business event.

Just by entering the Awards you are giving yourself the opportunity to review your business operations, reconnect with your vision and strategy, and measure performance against objectives. Many entrants see the Awards as a time for forced self-assessment, which helps keep them accountable to their goals.

You are also giving yourself the opportunity to represent the Shoalhaven in the Illawarra Business Awards, and as we have seen in the past, the State Awards (if you enter an aligned category).

  • Click here to download the awards handbook which gives you all the information you need including all the category questions. 

The online portal allows you to save your entry details as you go so you have almost 6 weeks to perfect your entry. And you can enter more than one category!

Their are 17 awards this year, 16 of which you can directly enter. There will also be a bonus award which is for “Inclusion”. This will be eligible for finalists in a company category. The question will be asked at the interview stage and is not-compulsory.


The winners of these categories will go on to represent the Shoalhaven and compete in the Illawarra Business Awards.

  1. Outstanding Employee
  2. Outstanding Young Business Leader
  3. Outstanding Business Leader
  4. Employer of Choice
  5. Excellence in Innovation
  6. Excellence in Sustainability
  7. Outstanding Community Organisation
  8. Outstanding Start Up
  9. Excellence in Micro Business (Less than 5 employees)
  10. Excellence in Small Business (5 – 20 employees)
  11. Excellence in Business (21 or more employees)


  1. Excellence in Workplace Safety
  2. Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality
  3. Excellence in Professional and Commercial
  4. Excellence in Retail and Personal Services
  5. Outstanding Young Employee
  6. Business of the Year

For general Awards enquiries:

Amber Morrisey – Awards Manager
M: 0407 289 584

For all portal support and technical enquiries:
Business NSW Member Support Centre
E:  or phone: 9466 4620



28 May 2021

Awards launched and entries open


1 July 2021

Ticket Sales Open


7 July 2021

Awards entries close @ 5.00pm


16 July 2021

Finalists announced and interviews begin


29 July 2021

Finalists interviews concludes


29 July 2021 (TBC)

Awards Finalists’ and Sponsors Evening


9 August 2021

Ticket Sales Close


20 August

Awards Gala night