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Phyco Food Co products available in Entertainment Centre

Tue 10 Apr 2018

So what is so special about phycohealth products? Phycohealth products are products that incorporate seaweed as a base ingredient. Phyco Food Co is a Shoalhaven based company which cultivates seaweed biomass and uses this to produce a number of health promoting products. Phyco Food Co want the nutritional potential of seaweed to be accessible to all and they create seaweed fortified food products that are easy to eat, taste great and deliver the nutrition you need everyday. Their range includes SeaC's (seaweed corn chips), Phettucine and PhycoBites (snack bar with seaweed protein). For those who are familiar with wasabi peas, you should try the PhycoDamia. This is a unique blend of macadamia, seaweed and wasabi - truly moreish healthy combination.

PhycoDerm NOURISH is also available at the Entertainment Centre. This locally developed skin cream contains a number of functional ingredients that promote healing and rejuvenation.

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