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Flying towards future jobs at Albatross Aviation Technology Park

Fri 01 Mar 2019

Flying towardsfuture jobs at Albatross Aviation Technology Park

ShoalhavenCity Council welcomed $4.95 million of NSW Government funding towards thegrowth and support of the Albatross Aviation Technology Park on Thursday, 28February 2019.

ShoalhavenCity Council Economic Development Manager Greg Pullen said the expansion of theAlbatross Aviation Technology Park will be a boost for the aviation, defencesupport and advanced manufacturing sectors in the region.

“Thisfunding is a great win for the Shoalhaven and the aviation industries connectedto our region,” Mr Pullen said.

“The nextland release at Albatross Aviation Technology Park will create up to nine lotsand seven of those lots will have access to taxiway for aircraft movementsincreasing the number and variety of workshops that support the defenceindustries.”

“Toencourage high-level aviation businesses to this Industrial park the area willbe equipped with a fire fighting reticulation system to provide water flows andpressures required to meet the Department of Defence specification.

“Councilhas been working to improve the Technology Park for 20 years and aviationindustries currently employs more than 300 people in the Shoalhaven.

“Economic Development of theShoalhaven is much more than a development assistance agency; the role extendsto infrastructure planning and provision, so that the region can create jobs ofthe future.”

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