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Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day - Friday 4 October 2019

Thu 12 Sep 2019

On Friday 4 October, thousands of Australian employers and employees will put their feet first for Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day to raise awareness about the importance of building regular walking into the daily routine.

Did you know that adults who walk before or during work are generally far more productive, creative and less likely to take sick leave or be absent? With one Australian diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every eight minutes, there has never been a better time to join the walking class, put your feet first and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.


  1. Walk to work on Friday 4 October and if you can't walk all the way, use public transport and get off the bus, train, tram or ferry a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way to work   
  2. Take a half-hour walk at lunchtime      
  3. Use the stairs rather than escalators or the lift       
  4. Host a "walking meeting”       
  5. Workplaces can also Host a Healthy Breakfast for employees who take part
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