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Cambewarra Mountain major make over

Thu 31 May 2018

Companies doing business into and out of the Shoalhaven will be pleased to learn one of the main transport links between the South Coast and South Highlands is in the final stage of its first major make over, in more than two decades.

Moss Vale Road over Cambewarra Mountain is also the main route for employees from Kangaroo Valley, heading to their work places in Nowra and Bomaderry.

However the road has seen its fair share of closures as a result of landslides and fallen trees, disrupting the delivery schedules of Shoalhaven companies.

Roads and Maritime Services have recently completed a major project to re-seal a 4KM stretch of the road, from near the base on the Nowra side of the mountain, to the top.

New concrete embankments have also been constructed at two locations, which have been the subject of landslips.

On the Kangaroo Valley side of the mountain further stabilisation works have been undertaken, along with removal of encroaching vegetation.

The latest work comes on top of rehabilitation and strengthening upgrades undertaken on the historic Hampden Bridge in Kangaroo Valley a few years ago. 

Roads and Maritime will carry out work to repair mountain slopes and install additional safety signage.  The work will be completed over two weeks from Sunday 27 May to Thursday 7 June.  Work will be carried out between 7pm and 5am from Sunday to Thursday.